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At Christ the Sower we assess the progress of children using both formative and summative assessment on a lesson by lesson, term by term basis across the year.

Teachers and adults in the school use formative assessment to assess children's work daily as they feedback to children during lessons, our teachers are skilled at adapting plans and lessons to meet the children's needs both during and across schemes of work, ensuring that all children are making good or better progress. 

At three points in the year - December, April and July we have a formal assessment week when we make summative assessments of each child's progress and attainment in Reading, Writing and Maths. We use Rising Stars assessments for these weeks, to guide and moderate teacher assessment.  Our writing is teacher assessed, and we ensure that our teachers have regular moderation meetings to ensure that they continue to develop confidence and expertise  in their judgements.

We use Bromcom Assessment Tracker to record and track progress and attainment and to help us identify next steps in learning. This system is able to track both formative and summative assessment records.

In Foundation Subjects (Art, Music, Humanities,  Design Technology, Computing,  Modern Foreign Languages, Physical Education and  Religious Education) we  assess in a less formal manner, to enable children's annual progress to be accurately measured and reported  to parents.