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Breakfast Club

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Breakfast Club runs from 7:40am till 8:40am which includes breakfast.

Early School Drop Off runs from 8:10am till 8:40am and does not include breakfast.

One breakfast session costs £3.75, one early school session costs £1.75 and sessions must be booked and paid for in advance using MCAS

Breakfast is offered to the children as they arrive and they are encouraged to sit at the breakfast table before going to play.

The breakfast on offer daily is a selection of cereal and/or toast with milk or fruit juice to drink. Breakfast ‘treats’ include crumpets, baked beans, yoghurts, croissants, pain au chocolate and milkshake. These are offered on an occasional basis.

During the morning a selection of quiet activities are provided for the children to choose from. These include a drawing/colouring table, board games and puzzles, construction and small world toys and books.

We also offer a physical activity including badminton, 4 square, hoops and skipping ropes, small balls for throwing and catching and (occasionally) football.

At the end of the session all children are asked to help tidy up before playing group games or sharing news. 

Foundation and Key Stage 1 children are then escorted to their classroom and handed over to the teacher. 

Key Stage 2 children are expected to sensibly take themselves to class.