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Daily Wellbeing Activity

Monday 30th March


Today we have a ‘happy visualisation’  This is purely a drawing exercise where children can think about their happy place. All you need is a piece of paper and some crayons.  Ask them to draw their happy place it can be a real place or an imaginary place.  It really doesn’t matter.

 What colours can they see?  What can they hear?  What can they smell?  What can they feel?  What can they taste? Encourage them to use all of their senses to visualise that happy place.

The idea is to learn to visualise a place that makes them feel happy so that when things get tough they can ‘go to their happy place’.  .  

You could have a go at drawing your happy place too!!


Friday 27th March

Bubble fun

Bubbles can be used for so many things.  If you don't have bubble mixture then you can make some using washing up liquid - 6 parts water to one part washing up liquid. Bubble wands can be made out of lots of things eg. pipe cleaners;  a funnel  - dip the large end and blow through the small; cut off the bottom of a plastic bottle and dip - blow through the cap end.....

Imagine your bubbles are worries and blow them away or pop them.  Alternatively think of the bubbles as happy memories and surround yourself with them.

The very act of blowing the bubbles controls your breathing and should help you to feel calm and relaxed.

Have a good weekend and remember to take some time out each day to aid your mental health.







 Thursday 26th March

Make some Play dough


Using play dough is a brilliant way of relaxing - the simple acts of kneading, squishing and rolling can be very enjoyable.

Its also a good way to release anger or frustration by pounding and squashing it.

You can make faces symbolising different feelings, monsters that signify worries (which you can then squash), animals or people that you can use to tell a story. The possibilities are endless.....

Just the act of making the play dough can be very therapeutic.  There are loads of recipes on line and you can add glitter, food colouring, different scents .....

This is a basic recipe : 2 cups plain flour, 1 cup salt, 1 tbsp oil, 1 cup cold water, 2 drops liquid food colouring 

Mix together the flour and salt and then add the oil and water.   When mixed together knead until the stickiness has gone and it feels like play dough.  If it is too wet add a little flour.  If too dry and crumbly add a few drops of water.

Most of all have fun !


Wednesday 25th March

Smell and Relax

Find something nice to smell - it could be some lavender or a scented flower from the garden, perfume on a hankie or melt some chocolate.......Close your eyes and smell the scent. Breathe in long and slow through your nose.  Concentrate on the smell and the memories/thoughts it brings to mind. You should start to feel calm and relaxed.

This is a really good exercise to practice and to recall when you are feeling stressed or anxious.  You can breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth 5 times imagining the scent you have chosen. 



Tuesday 24th March

 Mindful Listening

You can do this inside or out in the garden.

Take 5 minutes out of your busy day to switch off the TV, radio etc and set a 5 minute timer. 

Sit comfortably and close your eyes.  Concentrate on the sounds you can hear.   

Afterwards, your child might like to  draw a picture of the things they could hear. 

Its interesting to share the different sounds people heard and how individual sounds made you feel.


Monday 23rd March

Go for a rainbow walk


You can do this in the garden or around the house.  Draw a rainbow shape on a piece of paper and find something that represents each colour.  Colour in your rainbow.

You could try looking for 3 or 5 things of each colour.

The idea is to be taking notice of colours around you.  I often suggest to pupils struggling with anxiety to look around them and try and spot things of different colours as a distraction technique to refocus the mind.