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Day 1

Good morning! Why don't you begin today with a P.E. session with Joe Wicks? He will be leading a 30 minute session on his YouTube channel. Click here (after checking with an adult) to watch it live at 9am or catch-up with it later. 


Last week, we thought about the features of a setting description which would fit the science fiction genre. Some of you began to plan your own planet at the end of the week; others will need to think about your own world first and you may find it easier to draw it.

Today, we would like you to write your setting description as an introduction to the story. You can choose where you would like to begin. Maybe as you exit your spaceship on this new world? Who could you be with?  

Remember to include comparisons (higher than a steeple), personification sentences and speech. Challenge yourself to include passive voice too. 

The full toolkit is here. You might find this useful for the next few days as well.


Miss Underwood's group.

Mrs Sutaria's group.






Following on from the work we have been doing in D&T, design an exploration vehicle. It could be used on your new planet or to explore a part of space we already know about. Think carefully about your user and the design criteria.

  • It needs to be able to cope with the terrain (landscape).
  • It needs to be able to communicate with Earth.
  • It has to have space for necessary equipment.

If want to go further, then you can try making a model from materials you have at home. If you wanted to try making it move, then you could watch this video to get some inspiration. How far can you make it go?