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Day 10

Good morning! Today is your final day of home learning as we break up for our Easter holidays.

Why don't you begin today with a P.E. session with Joe Wicks? He will be leading a 30 minute session on his YouTube channel. Click here (after checking with an adult) to watch it live at 9am or catch-up with it later. 


If you have got to this task, you have done well! We understand that it’s not easy working on your own without friends and teachers; give yourself a celebratory applause!

Task 1

Your task today is to enjoy reading your book. Whichever book you choose, make sure you take time to do so. Find a new place in the house to sit comfortably and just read. Don’t look at the clock, try to manage distractions so that you get to the end of a page, a chapter or even the book!

By the end of the task, you will have enjoyed reading so much that you may continue it for hours!


Sit back, relax and be immersed into the ‘Story of Maths’. Watch this BBC documentary and write down at least 15 interesting facts.


Yesterday you reminded yourself of the Easter story and created a comic strip. Today we would like you to create an Easter card which reflects your learning.

If you have another faith, you could create a card ready to be shared when you are celebrating your next religious festival.

Have a really good Easter break. We look forward to seeing you soon.