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Day 3


Task 1

Read through the list of words that year 5 must be able to read and spell. Make sure you ask for help from an adult if you cannot pronounce the word. Your target for today is to learn the words that begin with ‘B’. Use the spelling strategies that you have learnt in school to practise spelling these words:

  • ‘choo choo’ words (writing words without any spaces so that they make a word train)
  • use coloured pencils to write each word in a different colour
  • make a word pyramid

Task 2

Today you will be writing the beginning of your story; focus on this section only. You must set the scene here so that the reader knows where the story takes place. Use all the descriptive learning we have done to help you write the most engaging beginning for your story. Remember, you can look at the DASH? prompts (day 1) to begin writing.

What can you do if you cannot start the story?

The best way to start the story is to hook your readers in. Think of what would hook you in ….. a sudden movement, someone shouting.

As you write the beginning, use the ‘author’s gaze’ which we talked about a lot in class. Imagine yourself in the scene, imagine yourself looking at the different things and describe them as you look at them.

By the end of the two tasks, you will have written the beginning of your story; you will have revised key spellings for year 5, to keep these words fresh in your mind.


Task 1

Think of a 3 digit number e.g. 150. Now complete the worksheet ‘number of the day’.

Task 2

Fractions of amounts

Watch the YouTube video

Make notes pausing as you go along. Some of you will watch up to 3:22; others will watch up to 6:00. There is no need to answer the question at the end however you could give it a go.

Complete the sheet with either one star or two stars. To challenge yourself move on to the next sheet. 

By the end of the two tasks, you will have completed the number of the day worksheet, watched and made notes from the YouTube video and completed one worksheet.



Why don't you begin today with a P.E. session with Joe Wicks? He will be leading a 30 minute session on his YouTube channel. Click here (after checking with an adult) to watch it live at 9am or catch-up with it later. 


We have been thinking about our planet and looking after it to the best of our ability. This was also a challenge presented to us during our Collective Worship at the beginning of the term.

Write a pledge to ‘Save the Earth’. Find, using the internet, good examples of pledges that people have adopted. Write one of your own that you can follow while you are at home. Remember, it needs to be something you can manage on your own.

Write up your pledge, presenting it in a creative way and put it up somewhere which will remind you to follow it.

Watch this short video to inspire you!