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Day 4


Task 1

Today you will be writing the ‘build-up’ of your story (it is also called the ‘problem’); focus on this section only. Use the questions on the planning sheet  (day 1) to help you e.g. what happens next? Where does the character go next? What does he/she do next? Remember, you can look at the DASH? prompts (day 1) to write this section.

What can you do if you cannot think of a problem?

The best way to do this is to imagine yourself in the story. Ask yourself, ‘what would be a problem for me if I was there?’ Being scared of the dark, coming face to face with an unknown creature or falling from a great height – all of these could be a build-up or problem in your story.

As you write, use the ‘author’s gaze’; don’t tell your readers what the ‘thing’ is, describe it using all your senses.

Task 2

Read through the list of words that year 5 must be able to read and spell. Make sure you ask for help from an adult if you cannot pronounce the word. You target for today is to learn the words that begin with ‘C’. Use the spelling strategies that you have learnt in school to practise spelling these words.

Challenge yourself to use these words in a sentence. This will be challenging as these words are not part of your everyday language yet but don’t give up. Look out for these words when you are reading as that will model best use of these words in a sentence.

By the end of the two tasks, you will have written the ‘build-up’ of your story; you will have also written sentences using year 5 key words.


Task 1

Think of a 4 digit number e.g. 1240. Now complete the worksheet ‘number of the day’.

Task 2

Following on from the fraction work completed yesterday, complete either star 1 or star 2 worded problems worksheet.

You must show each step of your working out.

By the end of the two tasks, you will have completed the number of the day worksheet and completed one worksheet.


Yesterday you should have written your pledge, today you will write a speech to convince your family that it is worth following your pledge for the good of the planet. Think of all the benefits to the planet if everyone in your household signed up to this pledge. Remember, we are a community and we will all benefit from this if we work together.