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Day 6


Why don't you begin today with a P.E. session with Joe Wicks? He will be leading a 30 minute session on his YouTube channel. Click here (after checking with an adult) to watch it live at 9am or catch-up with it later. 


Task 1

Today you will be focussing on reading and comprehension. You will be reading a text that has been chosen for you with appropriate questions at the end for you to answer.

The text is called ‘Fidget Spinner’. Read through this text really carefully taking your time to fully understand it; you may need to read it more than once. Underline the words you do not know and move onto task 2. Don’t worry, you will return to task 1 to complete it.

Now that you know what the unfamiliar words mean, you need to answer the questions which are at the end of the text.

Task 2

Use the ‘Explore words’ sheet to find out the meaning of words that you have underlined. You will need a dictionary to find the words; if this is not possible, use an online dictionary to help you.

By the end of the two tasks, you will have read and answered questions on a given text. You will have explored new words which will add to your vocabulary.


Task 1

Complete the ‘four lines’ worksheet. You must join all nine dots with four straight lines, without taking your pencil off the pencil off the paper. You can not go over any line twice.

Task 2

Watch the video about roman numerals. Make some notes.

Read through and make notes from the document below ‘Roman numerals to 100’.

Now answer the questions on worksheet 1 and 2.

By the end of the two tasks, you will have watched a video and made some notes on Roman numerals and completed three worksheets.


Define the word ‘county’.

Can you complete the ‘England Challenge?’ Using your own knowledge and the Internet, answer the questions in full sentences in your work book.

Think about the county that you live in, create a travel brochure/leaflet about where you live to get people to come and visit. Use what you know, the Internet, local papers and information leaflets to find facts. You could include information about the population, famous people who live there, things to see and do and where to stay.