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Day 6

Good morning. We hope you managed to have some fun over the weekend.

Joe Wicks is back here with his PE lesson at 9am. Don’t forget you can find and assembly here and a story with Mrs Quirk at the end of the day here.

If you visit music in the learning links  section, then you will find information about joining in with YV at Home this morning at 10am.


Today you have 2 tasks.

Task 1

Complete the grammar activity below about using commas accurately.

Grammar activity

Task 2

Read the piece of text and answer the questions. If you have finished this quickly, then you can write the conversation that happens next.

Reading activity


Miss Underwood's group

Previously we have completed a maths murder mystery in lessons and I know you have enjoyed them so here is one for you to do at home.

Miss Underwood's group

Mrs Sutaria's group.

This week our work will be based around fractions. Today you will be looking at equivalent fractions. Remember whatever calculation you do to the denominator must be done to the numerator.

Mrs Sutaria's group


Continuing on our space theme, we would like you to do some research today into the day man first landed on the moon. Consider the 5ws: who, what, when, where and why. Build on that with some other interesting details. Remember to find out what people at the time said. Look at examples of newspapers if you can. Make notes in a mindmap like we do at school; remember colour can help you to organise your ideas. Alternatively, you could use this template to organise your ideas.

Can you guess what we are going to do with these notes tomorrow?!