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Day 9


Good morning! Why don't you begin today with a P.E. session with Joe Wicks? He will be leading a 30 minute session on his YouTube channel. Click here (after checking with an adult) to watch it live at 9am or catch-up with it later. 


Today you will be developing your writing skills by practising to write a range of complex sentences.

Task 1

Look at the photo pack (which has been uploaded) and write sentences linked to these images. The photo cards explain very clearly what you have to do.

What to do if you are stuck?

You can read through the posters again if you are not clear what makes a complex sentence. I’m hoping that most of you will find this task straight forward.

What to do if you want to challenge yourself?

Make the ‘chatter box’ to have some fun with complex sentence; this may involve other people in your household! Have fun!

By the end of the task, you will have written a range of complex sentences relating to the photo cards. You may also have made a ‘chatter box’ to challenge yourself.  


Complete either the medium or hard Easter mystery maths game below.

Read the instructions carefully.

Good luck!



Listen to this song and begin to learn it. We will be singing it as a whole school when we are all back together. You can so this alongside any other members of your family living in your house who attend Christ the Sower. Try and think of some actions to accompany the song.


Remind yourself of the Easter story. The website Why Easter will help and so might The Brick Bible which uses Lego and quotes. The link will take you to The Last Supper and you can see the next part once it finishes.

We would like you to create your own cartoon strip to show the key events. You could also choose to recreate your own version of The Brick Bible.