The key activity of Christ the Sower is learning - fostering it, deepening it, learning about it and ensuring that all the staff and children understand how they learn, what makes for good learning and what to do when we find learning hard or challenging. The pages under this heading will deal with all the aspects that we want to develop - the theory of learning, ways of understanding learning, how we see learning as a Christian community, and it will grow and develop over the years.

Our approach to learning is designed to create the

  • right atmosphere and mentla conditions for learning
  • right expectations for learning

and we do that through an explicit Theory of Learning that is displayed prominently outside Beech Hall. In summary, it looks like this:

The heart of every lesson, every unit of work, is found in the learning cycle outlined in purple. We have found this to be highly effective and very adaptable across a range of different subjects - that is why we have stuck with it and continue to learn from it. The way that it is put into practice is through a strong culture of talk ("dialogic talk") where teachers and pupils learn from each other and build on and respond to each other's ideas - that's the yellow shape in the middle. The four other coloured boxes represent the four main areas that John Hattie, currently Professor of Education at the University of Melbouorne, found had the greatest impact on children's achievement. We call them the big four, and in our experience the two that teachers concentrate on is a high quality of feedback to children (the green box) and the level of challenge offered (red box). The other two come more naturally to us!