School Curriculum

 As a maintained school, we have followed the 2000 National Curriculum for all statutory subjects (except RE), and for RE we use the 2017 Milton Keynes Agreed Syllabus. Under each of the class pages there is a curriculum newsletter which comes out each term. This describes the school curriculum - what we actually teach in classes. If you look at this over the period of a year, you will get a good idea of exactly what is taught to children over a year.

The National Curriculum for Key Stages 1-3 was published in final form on September 11 2013 and is now a statutory document.

The government has defined the teaching content of the new curriculum in English, mathematics and in science, but has left wide open the content of all other subjects, whilst giving an idea of the teaching approach.

You can download the new national curriculum for 2014 from the link at the bottom of this page.

  1. Primary National Curriculum for England 2014
  2. Curriculum 2014 Document Sept 2014