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Wednesday 15th July 2020

Hello! Hopefully some of you are going to be joining the Year 6 children who have been in school at the picnic at 1pm. 


Think about a book or story you know well that has also been made into a film. Make a comparison of similarities and differences between the written version and the film version. Which do you prefer and why? You may need to watch the film first! Miss Underwood has completed the Harry Potter series of books (again!) over the last few weeks and then watched the films. She was amazed at home many of her favourite parts of the books were missing and how details were changed in the films.



Click here for ‘The Mystery of the Cinema’ maths challenge. The answers are at the end again but no cheating!


Topic (if you are not at the picnic!)

This afternoon we would like you to be active. You could go for a walk or choose from one of these ideas below:

Home exercises for kids:

Home workout for kids:

Cosmic Kids – Yoga and meditation:

A range of different challenges, including some ‘Active Blasts’ 10 minute workouts: