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Wednesday 1st July 2020


Yesterday you planned your story based on an outsider. Today you will begin that story. It will involve the stranger appearing and the locals reacting.

What will this part of the story do? It might describe the outsider; show reactions, including dialogue; build up to the crisis etc.

You will save the crisis for tomorrow. Today’s writing is building up to it!

One of the features you may need to include today is dialogue. If you need a reminder on punctuating this accurately, then click here. Remember you should use it for impact: it should give character clues or advance the action.

You have also looked at how determiners and pronouns can help to provide cohesion by avoiding repetition and creating clarity. We don’t want to write ‘the stranger’ several times in every sentence! Think also about how to use adverbials to link between paragraphs. You may find this useful.

Write the opening and build up to your story, introducing the outsider and showing their first interactions with the setting and locals.

When you finish this sections, reread your writing so far, thinking about cohesion and looking for ways to improve it. Look at the dialogue. Does it give clues or advance the action?



We are going to continue to follow the activities provided by White Rose. Remember, you need to watch the video on their website and download the resources from the links below. Today, you need to complete Summer Term Week 10 Lesson 3 (Using scale factors).

Watch the video by clicking here to visit the Year 6 area of their website and then answer the questions by clicking here to download the worksheet. Don’t worry if you can’t print it, just write the answers in your home learning book. 

You can check your answers here. 

You can also have a look at the resources on the BBC Bitesize website here. They link with the White Rose activity each day. 



This afternoon we would like you to be active. You could go for a walk or choose from one of these ideas below:

Home exercises for kids:

Home workout for kids:

Cosmic Kids – Yoga and meditation:

A range of different challenges, including some ‘Active Blasts’ 10 minute workouts:


It is important to look after your overall wellbeing too. Click here for the Wellbeing Factfile if you did not look at it last time. There are some other ways of moving at home and a planning sheet for you to create your own home gym. It also has information about keeping yourself healthy in other ways. If you want to take this a bit further, here is a printable Wellbeing Journal you can fill in.